Stevie's Answers

"Ach, it's a' aboot the traditional recipes an' methods we use, ye ken? It's like a wee taste ae Scotland, right here!"

"Oor haggis is the real McCoy, perfect fur Burns Night or any time ye fancy a hearty Scottish meal. Made wi' the finest ingredients, it's a true Scottish classic!"

"Square sausage, or Lorne sausage, is a unique Scottish treat. Ye'll want tae grill or fry it up nice an' tasty, perfect fur a roll or a traditional fry-up."

"Neeps, or turnips, are a traditional Scottish side. Mash 'em up an' serve 'em with haggis fur a proper Scottish meal."

"Black puddin's a rich blood sausage, white puddin's similar but nae blood, an' fruit puddin's a sweet mix ae suet, oats, an' fruit. Each yin brings its ain unique flavour tae yer plate."

"Pan-fry those tattie scones till they're golden brown. They're smashin' wi' breakfast or as a wee snack on their ain."

"Aye, we're lookin' intae gettin' some veggie an' vegan options for those who dinnae fancy meat."

"Aye, ye can! We've got online orderin' and we dae local delivery. Check oot our website fur aw the details."

"Cook 'em as we suggest an' eat 'em while they're fresh. Keep 'em stored right, an' they'll keep their quality."

"Absolutely! We can sort ye oot fur special events or big orders. Just give us a bell tae chat aboot whit ye need. "